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McAllister Living Area
Design Delivery | Germantown, Tennessee

Project Overview

When approached by the McAllister family to do a Design Delivery in Germantown, TN, I was immediately excited. I love Germantown - it's such a wonderful suburb of the Memphis area. But once I walked into their space, I was even more excited. This couple had already done an amazing job of renovating their living space to be more open concept, a rarity in Germantown homes which were typically built around the 1970's or so. But now that they've renovated and lived in their home for a while, they decided they could use some further intention in their furniture selections. This is where I came in!

Before Images + Issues

As you can see, they had already opened up the space beween dining and living. The furniture layout of the living space presented a particular dilemma: how do we keep comfort at the forefront, continue to face the TV, but allow more than one piece of furniture to dominate the room? Particularly for entertaining, it isn't ideal to have a singular furniture piece for everyone to sit on as it winds up wasting space and detracting from group conversation.

Design Delivery

This floor plan encourages conversation by providing seating facing inward to the room. It includes a bench at the window which can hold blankets or other storage needs on a day-to-day basis and then be moved to the main seating area when entertaining to provide extra seating. Because comfort was such a high priority, this plan incorporates a pair of stylish recliners facing the TV. For the dining area, we kept the same dining table and chairs but replaced the chairs on the living area side with a bench, so the area can feel clutter free, can connect better with the living space and provide more space for circulation.


I presented two schemes for this space with similar color and texture palettes, with nearly every piece from either scheme being compatible with those from the other scheme. This created an easy mix-and-match approach for the McAllister family to select which items they love most from each scheme and piecemeal them together for one cohesive design.

Scheme A Floor Plan

Scheme B Floor Plan


Scheme A - Living Room (Above)

Scheme A Dining Area  (Above)

Scheme B Living Room  (Above)

Scheme B Dining Area  (Above)

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