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Here's a bit

about me:

I've come to believe the strongest designers are master storytellers.


The older I get, the more my mother tells me I could’ve been a writer. In a sense, I suppose I am. There’s an innate desire within me to tell a captivating story. And so I do that. I tell stories through design with color, texture, light and form.


Our stories run deep - small fragments of ourselves working in unison toward something bigger. We can't address the home until we can dive into those fragments: our minds and bodies, our marriages and families, our communities at large and the way God intercedes in each aspect. When we strive for growth in each area, and create a space that supports it all, only then we can find true peace and pure joy in our homes. Pollylovely is a space where we can explore all of these things, knowing in the end we will have a deeper, truer connection with the walls around us, the roof over our head and all that lies in between.

There are many ways in which we tell stories: through words, images, song and even mannerisms. Style is a way to tell a story in three dimensions. Just as the most interesting stories can be told in different methods, we can harness and mix varying styles in a space to paint a fuller picture, one with depth and purpose.

If I can promise you anything, it’s that your home is saying something. It may be saying you value efficiency or that your life revolves around time with loved ones. Maybe it’s saying you’re tired and need a change. Whatever its message is at the moment, let’s control that narrative moving forward. Allow your home to speak boldly about your family and your values, your past experiences, your hopes and dreams.

Let’s tell your story and let’s tell it well.

My outlook:


My ultimate dream is...

To motivate women to create inspirational and functional homes that both serve as the backdrop for their family's lives and embolden them to live out their God-given dreams.

I got my degree in...

Interior Architecture from The University of Tennessee. Getting this degree from such a phenomenal program was the most challenging, most rewarding thing I've ever accomplished.

My favorite title I hold is...

Mrs. Corpuz - still getting used to the sound of that! 

You can find me in...

Memphis, Tennessee born and raised. Absolutely love this city full of grit, soul and the best BBQ in the country.

Growing up, I wanted to be...

A fashion designer! It wasn't until after my freshman year of college that I considered going into interior design. I immediately (and blindly) made the switch and found my true love.

My friends best know me for...

Never quite growing out of my "pink" stage ;)

When I'm not designing, you may find me ...

Talking Enneagram, reading, dissecting The Bachelor or sipping on a spicy margarita.


My theory:


"Home" encompasses far more than walls around us and the roof over our head. Home is defined as "where one lives" - but do we not live in more places than our residences? Our dwelling places far exceed the structure that surrounds us while we cook, eat and sleep.


We live in our minds and bodies constantly, from the moment we are born. We live in our relationships - with our families, friends and communities. Of course, we live in our residences, the places we go at the end of every day. And we hope to live eternally in Heaven.

The Hierarchy of Home explores the various scales of the places in which we live - not in order of importance, but in order of scale, starting with "mind" and ending with "Heaven."

Interior designers typically focus on the residence alone. But that's where I differ. I take a different angle, encouraging you to dig in and learn how to love and grow at each level. 

MIND | Our Psychological Home

BODY | Our Biological Home

MARRIAGE+FAMILY | Our Relational Home

SHELTER | Our Physical Home

COMMUNITY | Our Communal Home

HEAVEN | Our Eternal Home

It's all intertwined. Let's dig deep together.


Pollylovely is a space where together we can learn to grow our minds, nourish our bodies, prioritize our families, cherish our homes, deepen our communities and, most importantly, prepare for Heaven.

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