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Believer, Wife, Interior Designer, Online Shop Owner, Spicy Margarita Connoisseur

In a world of DIY galore and passing trends, I believe our relationships with our homes should be looked at on a holistic level. This is why I refuse to simply teach you the current trends or tell you what's pretty, knowing firsthand that design is a much deeper practice than this.
Together we will dive into our stories and personalities, our marriages and families, our beliefs about our minds, bodies and what God has to say about our homes and all they represent to us. Only then can we truly find peace at "home" in every sense of the word.

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Despite its imperfections, I'm obsessed with my home -  are you? Let's make that answer an enthusiastic YES! We've got this.


I'm the Memphis-based smiling face behind Pollylovely, the unapologetically indoorsy overachiever, the one who is going to get you lovesick over your home.

Ready to turn your homebody level up by 100%? 

Ok, I get it. You're not quite in love with your home...yet. Pollylovely is your one-stop-shop for all the resources you need to get there! We've got these amazing goodies made just for you:


"My day is made! This Design Delivery makes everything feel so much more doable and takes the stress off. Now when I look at this room, I feel excited and inspired instead of feeling overwhelmed! I know it had to have been hard because my style is so hard to pinpoint but I feel like she nailed it! It is so fun going through all the links, I would have never thought of some of this but I love it."

- Morgan | Knoxville, TN








"We had a great experience with Pollylovely and the Design Delivery experience that she offered! Polly was able to get a true feel for our needs as a family and incorporate our style preferences to create a space that would be both functional for our growing family and stylish. We had a good base but were stuck on how to elevate the room. Polly took the time to understand what we wanted and needed from the space and incorporate that into her design. Polly was professional, efficient and creative and we can't wait to incorporate her design ideas into our home!"
- Jessica | Memphis, TN


Together let's discover...

There's no denying your home has something to say. So much of our lives are reflected in the state of our homes. Let's find out what your home is saying so we can control that narrative moving forward!

What's your

home saying?

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