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White Station Rental

Custom Design + Decor | Memphis, Tennessee

I hear it all the time: rentals. are. hard. And I agree... BUT that didn't stop my husband and I from creating a rental into a home we loved for our first year of marriage. See some of our rental tips, tricks and lessons here.

IMG_5043 lighter.png

Hayes Kitchen Renovation

Design Direction Session + Hourly Rate | Bartlett, Tennessee

After an unfortunate downstairs flooding, this couple decided to go ahead and renovate their kitchen while they had to live in a hotel and rip the floors out anyway. This transformation involved taking out a wall and a complete reconfiguration and refinishing of their kitchen area.

McAllister Living Area.png

McAllister Living Area

Design Delivery | Germantown, Tennessee

With a toddler and baby on the way, this busy family cherishes family time in the living area. But how do we prioritize comfort and durability AND bring in stylish elements? We explore that concept here.

Kanda Family Den.png

Kanda Family Den

Design Delivery | Lakeland, Tennessee

Feeling their den was a little too bland for their personal style, we ramped it up a notch with bold decor concepts inspired by the grandmillenial style. With three teenage boys, this mom needed a whimsical, feminine space that could serve as a  personal happy place while also being comfortable for the entire family.

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