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Free resources to uplevel your home!

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Home Style Guide

Do you ever look at your home and wish it felt more intentionally curated instead of a hodge podge of leftovers passed down from family or your college days? Need a place to start so you know what to keep and what to purge? 

Look no further! This Home Style Guide breaks down six major residential styles with key descriptors and imagery as well as tips to achieve a similar look in your own home. 

Once you know the rules, you are able to bend them as you put your unique spin on your personal home style.


"What's Your Home Saying?" Quiz

If walls could talk.... 

Our homes and the rest of our lives are deepy intertwined. In fact, homes keep a pretty accurate pulse on the state of our lives. Whether we are settled into a routine of security, going through a whirlwind transition or love our crazy, wild lives but can't quite seem to find enough hours in the day, our homes typically seem to reflect that status. 


When we assess our homes, we can better address our lives and all they entail. In this quiz, we go straight to the source and ask your home what it's trying to tell you.


Home Decor Budget Template

As nice as it is to shop our own homes and rearrange accordingly, sometimes it's time to bring in a haul of new furniture, lighting and accessories to breathe new life into our spaces!

There is often overwhelm associated with making purchases, especially large ticket items. Strategy. Is. KEY! Knowing your budget, having realistic expectations of the cost of furniture and keeping your plans organized are all crucial aspects of redecorating.  


This editable Google Sheets Budget Template will help you keep track as you go! 

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