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mini course

Do you ever sigh or throw your hands up in frustration, saying...

"Why doesn't my house look anything like me?"

"I don't even know where to start with improving my home."

"How do people on Instagram have the cutest pictures of their homes?"

"I know I have great taste, so why doesn't it translate in my home style?"

"This spot in my home looks cute but it's not quite there yet, something is still missing."


Hey there!

I'm Polly Ann

and I wholeheartedly believe our homes are incredibly valuable aspects of our lives and stories, aspects worth exploring, innovating and investing in.

In doing so, we can transform not just a house into our home, but a home into our haven.

This is my hope for you, that we create your haven together, hand in hand.

I think your time is NOW and it all starts here!

Sometimes a full renovation or re-haul just isn't in the cards. Trust me, girl, I feel your pain. But the good news is I also know your solution: learning to make your Me-Spot, a specific place in your home that brings you immense joy and reflects you and your style in a way you feel proud showing off.

Make Your Me-Spot is a self-paced online mini course that teaches actionable and repeatable steps for creating a "moment" in your home that you are absolutely obsessed with.

+Identify an area in your home to claim as a Me-Spot.

+Address the functionality necessary for the area.​

+Apply the basic design elements and address them individually and in relation to each other.​

+Discern what about this current space you like and dislike and edit accordingly.

+Harness your style and aesthetic preferences and apply them to this area specifically.

+Utilize these methods so they can be repeated all throughout your home.

You'll learn how to:

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