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about the shop

About the Shop

Welcome to the Pollylovely Home Shop!

Here you will find my professional recommendations of designer trade furniture.
These pieces were hand-selected for the stylish, thoughtful home.

You'll find a variety of styles at a variety of price ranges to best fit your specific preferences and budget, knowing each option is high quality and designer-approved.

The Pollylovely Home Shop is completely virtual and is made possible through a platform called SideDoor. SideDoor fulfills all orders, processes payments, and handles all logistics with the manufacturers. Any questions regarding shipping and handling can be sent to - or you can reach out to me ( and I will put you in touch!


return policy

All shop policies are put in place by SideDoor.

Note their return/cancellation policy: because items ship directly from the manufacturer, we are unable to make returns or cancellations. If any item comes damaged or not-as-advertised, immediately contact SideDoor and myself with photographs upon arrival. From there, we will arrange to repair your piece or have the manufacturer send a replacement piece.

Because of this policy, I cannot stress enough to triple-check your dimensions and product descriptions. If you need clarity on ANYTHING, email me ( with specific questions about the piece and I can get answers from the manufacturer, allowing you to purchase with complete confidence!



How should I approach the style sections? I'm overwhelmed!

Think of the style sections as guidelines and not as rules. Just because I placed a piece within a style category doesn't necessarily mean it FULLY fits that style; more so, it indicates that I think the piece would fare well in a home that style. Because of this, there's a lot of overlap in product between the styles shown because most pieces of furniture and decor don't fit into one style alone.

The same goes for nearly any home - very rarely does a space fit entirely into one category. An interesting space often comes from thoughtful layering of various styles, materials and textures.

I also grouped certain styles together because of how much overlap there is in the products. For some styles (ex: traditional and grandmillenial), the individual pieces used are very similar but the key differentiator is the way they are arranged, the overall color and pattern palette of the space, etc. Use this shop as a fun tool to understand overarching styles in a holistic way.

What should I expect to pay in shipping?

Perhaps my favorite thing about SideDoor is the shipping - it's FREE! With each purchase, you can choose to add on a flat fee of $90 for White Glove delivery, no matter how many pieces are in the order. This means that those who deliver your piece will come into your home, place it where it goes, unbox and assemble. Cannot recommend this enough for any pieces that need assembly. If you don't need this service, you can select free "threshold" shipping and it will be left on your doorstep instead.

I see a piece I love but can it come in a different size or finish?

Many trade items come in various sizes and finishes. If you're curious about if a specific piece comes in a different size or finish, send me an email and I will look for you. If so, we can get that added to the shop!

Why buy from Pollylovely Home instead of elsewhere?

As a professional designer, I have access to trade items. These brands and their products are typically higher quality (not to mention more exclusive) than popular big-box or online retailers. Through SideDoor, I'm now able to offer these pieces to anyone through my public online shop instead of strictly to my paying design clients. 

Also, by buying from me, you are supporting a small business - allowing me to focus my time and efforts on serving you through paid design work AND free content. That whole "real person does a happy dance when they make a sale" thing is REAL. Thank you!!!

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